Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Clallam Bay Comicon HOME

7th annual 2018: July 7-8

Our Guest Creative for 2018 is Carla Speed McNeil, best known for her wonderful long-running series Finder.  A GofundMe campaign will help cover her costs. 

In Carla's own words:

"Every time I step off my beaten path I hatch out a new story. I'm curious to see what Clallam Bay will put into my mental gumbo. I'm always excited to meet creative people and talk about the mechanics of what we do, whether they're people of long experience or newcomers. If I can spark a new cartoonist to get started, or a veteran to start something new, that's the best thing in life to me."

Carla Speed McNeil, born and raised in Louisiana, now lives in Maryland with a husband and five kids, three of them with tails. She's been writing and drawing and loving comics for over twenty years. She can only do one thing per day, but she does it at full gallop.


Creatives Alley 2018 (6 tables; 12 1/2 tables available)
1. Carla Speed McNeil
2. Donna Barr and Convention Info
3. a Larry Lewis Minicomics
   b Jake Richmond - Modest Medusa.
4. Edd Vick's Mu Press and Aeon Press

DEALER TABLES:  $25 whole table; $15 half table. Dealer contracts: THIS PAGE. Payment cancellation deadline is May 1. You are expected to know and be responsible for your professional and licensing obligations for use of copyright, food sales, etc. Participants will clean and straighten hall after show closes Sunday; keep the Lion's club happy. 

Gaming and Cosplay: Quiet versions allowed in the hall; noisier ones outside on the covered porch.

PANELS, DEMOS AND EVENTS: Make one up, choose a time on the schedule at the bottom of this page, email details to: donnabarr01 at gmail dot com 

Lion's Club building
Lion's Club
90 Bogachiel Street
Clallam Bay, Olympic Peninsula, Washington State, United States 
PARKING: around Lion's club and in the clinic parking lot behind the club. See further photos for details. 

AWARDS: Your fans are your reward.

Inside the Lion's Club hall. Respect it.
OFFICIAL CONVENTION "Hotel": Winter-Summer Inn Bed and Breakfast 360 963 2264 - The 3 lower rooms are being held for the convention. Tell Owner Sandy Tsiang you are with the comicon, or you may be turned away. The upper suite - up to 7 guests - is available to anybody, and there is no deadline on reserving it. It has a fireplace and kitchen, big deck and killer view. NEW NOTICE: The Winter Summer Inn s up for sale, and may remain a bed-and-breakfast, or become a private home. If you reserve, be sure to reserve backup with other area places, just in case - and cancel if you don't need them!)

FOOD AROUND TOWN - and neat places to eat and stay.
Outside porch - for music and noise.

HOW TO GET HERE: Driving from Seattle: Ferries, then highway 101 until Neah Bay/Clallam Bay turnoff at highway 113.
Olympic Bus Lines from Seattle to Port Angeles.                                     Clallam bus "Strait Shot" (cheaper, faster!) Bus Schedules. Once in Port Angeles, catch Forks 14, then Neah Bay/Clallam Bay 16. Tell your drivers, ask for advice.

Printing: Olympic Printers, Inc. Email order, pick up while driving through Port Angeles. Will also ship UPS.

WI-FI is 24/7 at the library, right around the corner, also at various businesses and the Visitors' Center.

FACILITY CARE: No tape of any sort on the wall. Respect the Lion's Club's wall displays. All with tables chip in to clean up at the end of the show. It don't take long; they love us for it.

LEGAL NOTES: Donna Barr is the only official Clallam Bay Comicon Administrator. (Evan Sveum, of Forks' Home Slice Pizza and Comics, is ghost emergency administrator, ONLY.)

Parents and/or guardians are legally 100% responsible for their children and/or wards. Everyone else is legally 0% responsible for those same people.


Events: All events of a panel or discussion or demo nature are held at the two large tables at the front. Announce your panels. No one else will monitor them for you. Amateur Hours are tentative; they can be canceled with no notice if published or self-published professionals need that time.

Saturday schedule:

10:00 am: Clallam Bay Comicon opens for Set-up.

11:00 am: Clallam Bay Sekiu Fun Days Parade. To participate, meet in Shell parking lot.

12:00 Noon: Clallam Bay Comicon opens.

4:00 pm - 5:00 pm: Amateur hour. See above.

6:00 pm: Fish-n-chips-n-beer feast at the Clallam Bay Inn. 

Dusk: Clallam Bay/Sekiu Fun Days Fireworks, in Sekiu (Viewable from Clallam Bay beach)

Sunday Schedule (time allotted for beach walk, good breakfast, church, etc.)

11:00 am: Clallam Bay Comicon opens for set-up.

12:00 noon: Clallam Bay Comicon opens to public

4:00 pm to 5:00 pm: Amateur Hour. See above.

5:00: Clallam Bay Comicon closes. Dealers put away tables and chairs and clean the Lion's club.

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